I co-started and played drums in Cape Town hardcore band Peasant (with Pieter Jordaan, Sheldon Klopper and Byron Craemer) up until February 2015. These were some of the best times of my life.

I played drums on these two releases:

Circles (released April 12, 2015)
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Peasant - Circles

We released an exclusive song on a compilation called Secret Ceremonies.
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Secret Ceremonies

Dead Hand (released April 14, 2014)
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Peasant - Dead Hand

Dead Hand was pressed onto 7″ vinyl through Roastin’ Records, which is still available for purchase here.

Peasant Dead Hand 7" Record

Videos I was a part of:

Live videos:

Some photos:

Photo by JJ van Rooyen.

Peasant and Take Hand
Peasant and Take Hand mixed. Photos by JJ van Rooyen.

Photo by Cara Reynolds.

I also contributed some lyrics:

– Backslider –
You say that they’re going to hell, because what they believe is wrong
Do what you will because you’re saved by grace
Nothing really matters
Except for the human race
Maybe I’m wrong, but I had to choose
I’m done with being guilt-ridden, fear driven, born to lose
Surround me with your disappointment
Treat me like a sheep who’s been led astray
Tell me how I’ve let you down
By this living life
My own way
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